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Water diverter flashing (or kick out flashing) is necessary wherever a roof line ends ‘mid-wall’ on a perpendicular wall. Quite simply, when a gutter butts to a stucco wall, there should be a diverter flashing.

Doing a quick visual inspection will usually let you know whether or not a kickout is missing. Aside from the unit being visible itself, lack of this flashing will result in ‘stucco tears’, or staining below where the flashing should be installed.

When a water diverter flashing is missing, water travels along the step flashing (installed beneath the shingles and behind the stucco) and continues unimpeded behind the stucco into the wall.

Another sign that you may be missing kick out flashing is the presence of rotting fascia, soffit and/or frieze boards below the affected area(s).

If you suspect that your home is missing this critical piece of flashing, give Peachtree Stucco a call at 770.847.0086.

Peachtree Stucco also installs Raintek kickout flashing on Hardie and masonite lap siding homes!

Remember, if you are selling or buying a stucco home, sealants and water diverter flashing are the two things inspectors look for first!

Water Diverters
Missing Kickout
Roof trim with kickout

Peachtree Stucco proudly uses Raintek water diverter flashing for your home. Its one piece design eliminates possible degradation or leaking from seams.


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