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Peachtree Stucco specializes in not only providing you with a quality repair, but we also determine what caused the problem to begin with and fix it.

Delaminated EIFS or hard coat stucco will appear as bulges along the side of your home with clear starting and stopping points. Typically by mechanically fastening these areas, the bulging will stop as the cladding is no longer attached solely by adhesives. Areas damaged beyond repair due to delamination should be removed and replaced prior to fastening.

Disintegration of hard coat stucco is another common problem Peachtree Stucco routinely repairs. There are several factors that lead to ‘dry pockets’ including (but not limited to) high local humidity, poor ratio of sand/ portland cement/ lime, lack of a moisture barrier and physical damage. The only way to accurately prescribe a solution to these is to have a look at each of the different affected areas. Any home may have several of these each with a different cause.

Bird holes are a common problem for homeowners that have synthetic trim bands. These should always be repaired promptly as the holes themselves create a water entry point in addition to being a nesting ground for the birds creating the damage.

Had your roof replaced recently? Despite the best efforts of top notch roofers, sometimes damage occurs where the shingles are tucked under the stucco.


Chances are if it looks like a problem, it is a problem.

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