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Applying sealants around the openings of your home should be a high priority in the maintenance of your stucco. By sealing the perimeter of these openings, you significantly reduce the chance of water entering critical areas of your home.

Peachtree Stucco proudly uses NP-1, a one part polyurethane, and Tremco’s Dymonic FC, a polyurethane hybrid. Both of these products have years of field testing and meet or exceed ASTM C-920 standards for stucco.

Np-1 and Dymonic FC are both paintable products.

When applying sealants to your home, we use taped joints to insure the best aesthetic result. We tape, apply the bead of sealant, strike the joint with a tool, and remove the tape. This process leaves a result that not only looks outstanding, but functions outstanding as well.

We also seal the sill and jamb joints of your openings. These areas are usually prone to wicking water up if not properly sealed resulting in rotting wood.

Utility penetrations (gas main, cable, electrical conduit, water spigots, etc.) are also sealed. Being that most of these are usually close to your grade it also helps keep out unwanted insects.

Not painting your home? That’s okay! The sealants we use have an array of stock colors!

If you’re looking for clean lines and superior functionality, give us a call at 770.847.0086!

Taped Joint

Taped joints produce superior results!

Finished Sealant Joint

Crisp lines provide the aesthetics while quality, paintable sealants provide functionality!

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