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Foundation Cut and Sealing

Peachtree Stucco offers the cutting and sealing of your foundation, whether it is EIFS or hard coat stucco.

The purpose of this service is to create a seal from the cladding directly onto your foundation. As a result, we create a ‘Termite Inspection Gap’ which allows your pest control company to visually inspect for any areas that may require chemical treatment. A correctly performed foundation cut will eliminate any access termites (or other pests) would normally have either through or behind the system..

Peachtree Stucco uses stringent protocol when performing stucco foundation cutting and sealing.

First we mark where the cut will occur. Typically we will follow the grade so that the cut would appear as though it was part of the initial installation. We can, however, make the cut follow any designated path you would prefer.

Foundation cuts will usually be between 4-6 inches above the grade. Using chalk lines insures the cut will be straight. Each cut will be at a 45 degree angle tapering down towards the foundation. It is then sealed with a fiberglass mesh embedded in a cementitious base coat. A texture coat is then applied over the base coat. Finally, the repaired area is painted to match.

Some areas where the stucco sits either above or behind a concrete slab will be cut a little differently. This is to minimize exposure of your home’s framing. Should an area that is cut expose framing, Peachtree Stucco will replace the existing sheathing with Durock (a cementitious board). From there the process is the same as a normal cut.

If your pest control company requires your foundations to be sealed or you would just to have peace of mind knowing termites cannot enter through your stucco, give us a call at 770.847.0086 or an email at !

Sealed Foundation
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