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Every business owner recognizes the importance of curb appeal when their customers approach their store front. Regardless of the goods or services you may provide, people will judge a book by its cover.

Most commercial stucco applications in the Metro Atlanta area are EIFS (synthetic) systems. While EIFS is a good insulator and noise reducer, its surface strength is not as sturdy as conventional stucco (hardcoat). Peachtree Stucco offers solutions to overcome the physical limitations of the original application.

High traffic areas where passersby make contact with the cladding (typically from grade to seven feet high) can be reinforced with a higher (thicker) grade fiberglass mesh. Strengthening the laminate will reduce punctures and other system breaches due to foot traffic.

Signage removal and installation usually leaves damage when the signage was removed/installed. Unless properly sealed, these holes will linger as an entry point for moisture. Why not freshen up that store front while you search for you next tenant?

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