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2017 Pricing List

Sealant Application (per opening)- NP-1 or Dymonic FC: $55.00

Sealant Application (per opening)- Dow Corning 795: $65.00

Raintek Kickout Flashing Installation: $250.00

Foundation Cut and Seal (w/o Durok): $16.00/ lineal foot

Foundation Cut and Seal (w/ Durok): $19.00/ lineal foot.

Deck Flashing w/ beveled trim band: $55.00/ lineal foot

Exploratory cut out (typically 18”x18”) - $350.00 * this price is credited to subsequent repair.

PVC brickmold/ mullion/ sill nose (exterior trim)- $55.00/ unit

These are just typical installed items. Other stucco repairs require a visual inspection or a wall exploratory to determine the scope of work.


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